How We Work

ABA therapist and student enjoys circle time ABA therapy Colorado Springs

Autism affects children and families to varying degrees.  No matter where your child is on the spectrum of autism, we embrace each family with the sincerest respect and care.  We build a relationship with you to form a trusted team to meet the entire family’s needs to improve your daily challenges with autism.

Your research into ABA has likely revealed a variety of approaches and tools used that all fall under ABA.  You may have also discovered through first-hand experience that therapy has greatly varying degrees of intensity and quality.  The rapidly increasing rate of autism diagnosis has significantly outpaced the number of providers with services for children affected by autism from developmental pediatricians to ABA therapists.  As a result there are many individuals and organizations jumping into the field of autism.  As with all services and products, they are not all equally created.  What should you look for in the people you are entrusting with improving your child’s and core family’s lives for the better?

  • Has your child just been recently diagnosed? Did your family just move to a new area and are looking for a new provider? Are you looking for an ABA provider with higher standards? Understanding where you are in your journey with autism, your challenges, your victories, your limitations, your new insights, your frustrations, your discoveries into the joys and uniqueness your child brings to everyone they touch…this is where we start.

  • Are you asked to join your child’s team to provide learning and development for your child? Are you looking for an organization to join your child’s team? When you start your journey with Keystone’s team we ask to become part of your team. Joining forces is not just best practice, it’s the right thing to do for the best opportunities of success. We must work together and all be vested into your child’s needs. You are asking for help and we are doing the same from you so your child reaches goals faster and establishes learning keystones that are strong and built to support the next learning objective.

  • How do you know which ABA provider can offer the best for your child? It starts with knowledge and actions. Our team’s credentials and especially experiences create a solid foundation to provide the highest level of care and learning. Our team comes from vast backgrounds, including being the parents and siblings of individuals with autism and other diagonsis’s what are helped with ABA. These are still just words. We’ll put you in touch with the families we are serving, pediatricians that work with these families, and many more providers that we coordinate care with so you hear what the community has to say. Our team’s actions will speak louder than words.


Is ABA right for your child?

Even with scientifically proven techniques of ABA, they can be administered in varying degrees.  The phrase intensive therapy is often used.  Our approach to intensive is consistency and frequency covering a comprehensive range of skills including communication, social skills, behavior, and self-care.  Recommendations for intensive therapy are 25 to 40 hours per week.  Determining each child’s level of therapy is based on their needs.  Typically the parent or guardian is the best judge of their child’s needs.  What questions are you asked when looking for a provider?

Some ABA therapy providers function as if intensive therapy requires extreme regimented therapy that pushes kids to compliancy even though the student is escalated in behavior.  This has led to many articles with negative opinions of ABA.  Keystone Achievements follows best practices without the extremes of accomplishing compliance by pushing kids to the point they become resistant to therapy.  We strive for a learning atmosphere that provides goal accomplishments and celebration of their successes.   The best rewards are those we work hard for to achieve our goals.  We want those we work with to see their accomplishments and continuously gain confidence. 

The Keystone Achievements team in October 2018

Our Amazing Team

Keystone Achievements sets our level of compassion and service by starting with our team.  Their jobs are not easy and we recognize that dedication to any organization begins with showing sincere appreciation to the staff.  The quality of care in ABA therapy has a substantial range from poor to excellent.  The demand for services is driving many passionate people into the field to become certified in ABA therapy.  The challenges new BCBA’s and therapists find are becoming part of an organization willing to dedicate time to high quality training and allowing them to have a voice in the organization's quality of service.  Our training is designed to create collaboration and career advancement. The results are a passionate and dedicated team.

Keystone Achievements: Mission Statement

Keystone Achievements will embrace all families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder with compassion and provide the highest quality services for our families. All employees will communicate with students and their families with the greatest respect and caring for the challenges these families face. Keystone Achievements is dedicated to creating a work environment that provides opportunities for its employees through career growth, learning, safety, and transparent appreciation of the entire team and families we serve.