ABA Training

                  Behavioral Therapists are in great demand in the field of behavioral therapy.  ASD diagnoses are far outpacing the number of providers, particularly for Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT).  For those who aspire to start a career as a Behavior Therapist or continue to a career to obtain a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) license, Keystone has the training program that will meet and exceed the requirements. 

                   Keystone’s training program will immerse new therapists in the resources and environments needed to quickly learn and master the skills required to be an effective line therapist.   Therapists will be under frequent supervision, further helping them to master and improve their skills and knowledge. The goal of our training method is not to simply provide basic skills and set therapists to work, but to plant the needed information in the minds of our staff and provide the time and support to grow into the new skills and career opportunities.


Our ABA Certification Training Provides

  • 40 hours of Module Training required for RBT Certification
  • Physical Management and De-escalation Training
  • Constant supervision and oversight by a BCBA
  • In person training with qualified and experienced RBT’s
  • Resources and support
  • Significant shadowing and role-play time to ensure fluency

Our Program

Our training program is a 4-week intensive program where staff will be guided to complete all of the requirements to receive their RBT Credential as well as role-play and receive on-the-job training to further develop mastery of new skills.

                In week 1, the focus will be on completing the modules and using class time to further dissect the more challenging skills associated with applying ABA.


                Week 2 is focused on continuing to breakdown and practice skills. Therapists that are struggling with specific skills will receive additional support. Those who are excelling in skills are not held back to stay on track with the course and are encouraged to grow.

                With week 3 acquiring necessary credentials is prioritized. CPR and First Aid classes are scheduled, and de-escalation and physical management training is provided. Keystone Achievements uses QBS managed Safety-Care course for our Physical Management and De-escalation training.

                In week 4, as training comes to a close, all trainees spend the majority of their time working with students alongside a tenured therapist, so they can further cement their knowledge into understanding and application. By the end of the week, therapists will be equipped to apply ABA individually with a student.

                All training is supervised and overseen by a BCBA. The requirement to be supervised 5% of time spent applying ABA is met annually to maintain RBT Credentialing. All 1:1 therapy and programming is overseen by a BCBA and our staff have frequent access to the BCBA for questions, concerns, or further training.

The BACB's requirements for an RBT Credential can be found here.