Employee Spotlight: Kayla Bement


I was first introduced to ABA therapy while I was working as a special education paraprofessional. I was a special education para for 5 years and I had come to realize in the past 2 years that some of the kids I was working with, needed more. I found myself frustrated when I realized I couldn’t do much more as a para. That was when a close friend recommended being a behavior therapist. I quickly fell in love with the work I was doing with kids on the autism spectrum. I found myself going home every night and doing research about how I could better the lives of these children and their families. 

I’m currently working on finishing my undergrad in elementary education, but after I finish that degree, my plan is to continue my education by obtaining my master’s degree and becoming a BCBA down the road! 

I remember the first client I ever had, and seeing the quick response ABA was providing in his life and I realized this is what I’m meant to do the rest of my life. One of my absolute favorite things about being an ABA therapist is developing that relationship with the client. I love seeing the joy on my clients face whenever I greet them, and watching their facial expressions once they have mastered something they’ve never done before. I’m beyond proud to be a part of the Keystone Achievements family and I can’t wait to continue changing the lives of these children/teens and their families! 

Kayla has been part of the Keystone Family for a few months now and definitely leaves many of us wondering what we did without her. Her silliness with her kids and contagious laughter bring joy to everyone in the center. Pairing her fun antics with a fantastic ABA understanding and approach makes for one phenomenal therapist. We're extremely happy to have her on the team and are excited to see her growth in the field and what ways she continues to help kids grow and achieve more in the future.