Employee Spotlight: Sierra Moore

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Prior to moving to Colorado from Indiana nearly ten years ago, I spent my last summer there working in a group home with young children with autism. It was intended to be a temporary job after leaving life-guarding and water safety instruction of 7 years, but I instantly fell in love with the children causing me to stay several more months than previously considered. I immediately sought out any organization I could find to have the opportunity to work with children who have autism again. It wasn't until I lived in Colorado for a few years that I discovered ABA. The principles and procedures used with ABA inspire and awe me to this day.

Over the last nine years I have developed a skill set I am delighted to implement and share with colleagues, children and families. I have witnessed monumental moments in the lives of every child I have had the pleasure to work with, and that is paramount to me. It is such a rewarding feeling to witness the progress ABA allows, and to know that, with my implementation of the principles and procedures of ABA, I am playing a small role in the enhancement of the lives of the families and children I serve. To be able to go to a job where I can sing, dance, laugh, be creative, put smiles on the faces of children, and witness progress all while implementing my knowledge of ABA is gratifying and fruitful. I hope to continue on this path with ABA for many decades to come. 

Sierra has been part of our team for a little more than a month and has already made herself a very positive influence on our culture and team. Her kids are very engaged in her sessions and enjoy working with her and her implementation of the principles of ABA is exceptional. Sierra throws every bit of her joy and passion for this field into each of her sessions and it shows. We're very excited to have her as part of this team and look forward to her growth with Keystone!