Employee Spotlight: Sophie Loy

I moved here from Oregon five years ago and have loved living here in beautiful Colorado Springs. My first job here was teaching preschool and pre-kindergarten, I taught for 3 and a half years. During this time I had a boy in my class with autism. There were ABA therapists that would come help with different activities while working on behavior goals. I was so encouraged with how they handled and provided him care that I looked into ABA as a potential career.
I began my path as an RBT at a local autism center 2 and a half years ago and am so thankful for the knowledge that I gained. I started working at Keystone in May of this year. I immediately saw the care and intentionality provided to the families and therapists in a way that I had never seen before! I am so encouraged to find such an amazing company. My hope is that one day I will be able to start an autism center overseas where, in some countries, having a child with any kind of disability is considered a shame. I want to bless others while showing them what a blessing it is to have a child who views and experiences the world in such an amazing way.

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Sophie is yet another therapist lifting the bar ever higher at Keystone Achievements. Her relentlessly cheerful and positive outlook coupled with an incredibly compassionate heart to complete a phenomenal therapist and team-mate. Sophie's catch phrase might as well be "I want to work with him/her" because every student that comes through the door she requests to be on their team. There's no one in this field with a bigger heart.