Employee Spotlight: Matt Pape


My name is Matt Pape, and I've been with Keystone since February 2018 and doing ABA therapy for over 2 years. Before that I've been working with kids in some capacity for over ten years and I LOVE getting to work with children for a living. I am passionate about helping kids get excited about learning, pushing them to accomplish things they have never done, and most of all, having fun.
I love working in this field because Iā€™m constantly challenged and exposed to kids who view the world in really cool and unique ways. And it allows me to be goofy and weird on a regular basis, which is one of my strong suits.

Matt was the first RBT to join our team back in the beginning of the year. We knew right away he was the type of teacher that fit Keystone's culture and what we wanted for the kids. He has proven that assumption correct time and time again. Matt's non-sensical songs and silly games brings a smile to the faces of student, parent, and peer alike. We are grateful for his many contributions to the growth of Keystone Achievements.